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It was our son’s fault…


Last November, our 27 year-old, tech savvy, always-appreciates-a-great-deal son gave us Amazon Prime as an early Christmas present.  Knowing that his Mom likes to do her holiday shopping from the comfort of a chair, and that his dad totally supports her in this because he hates the pain of countless hours in countless stores, he figured we (he) would get his money’s-worth in shipping savings on Prime eligible products alone…and we would praise him for being the perfect son who gave the perfect gift. (In retrospect he was correct about that.) He also reasoned that his parents who usually can’t stay awake to view a two hour movie probably wouldn’t get much benefit from the myriad of free Amazon Prime Instant Videos. This is where he was wrong.

As I scanned through the Prime Instant Video offerings, there it was – Justified, Seasons 1 – 4.   Let me say here, I had actually watched an episode here and there of the first four seasons of Justified, but I refused to get too deep into it because it seemed like it was too well written, acted and directed to do it the disservice of watching it out of order. And now we could watch it, in order. It took some convincing to get my wife on board with the commitment. The last time I was able to get her interested in watching a series in order was “Band of Brothers” (which we watch every winter), but after the first episode of Justified she was hooked. I’ve heard the expression “binge watching”. I wouldn’t say that is how we viewed the first four seasons, but we had them pretty well wrapped up in about a month.

Justified on FX is as good as television gets; Great actors in a terrific show with a lot of moral ambiguity.  Fans find it to be thrilling drama where the good guys aren’t always that good and the bad guys aren’t always that bad.  While there is much debate among fans regarding “Justified” seasons 1 – 5, there are some things which are indisputable…Timothy Olyphant (U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens) has seldom been better and he is surrounded by an able cast. Walton Goggins (Boyd Crowder) acting is crisp, spot-on and totally believable.  Nick Searcy (Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Art Mullen) provides a humorous and believable support. Joelle Carter (Ava Crowder) and Natalie Zea (Winona Hawkins) are spectacular in their roles.

I’ve started this blog as a total fan of the show, and looking forward with anticipation to Season 6 of Justified, which is reportedly (sadly) it last.  I’m looking forward to it. I hope since you wound up here you are looking forward to it too.

~Bill Grant, 10/11/2014